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Owned & Operated

Hallo! We are Mark van der Waarde & Danny Schipper and we love the web. We are the owners, proprietors and sole operators of Alsjeblaft (est. 2009).

Mark van der Waarde
Danny Schipper

We're experienced front and back end web developers with a knack for design & typography. The two of us have been cranking out web sites for a living since the Dot-com boom.

Tools of the trade

We work for (and with) a variety of clients – graphic designers, agencies, start-ups, bands, stores, corporations and charities.

While building beautiful, responsive web sites, applications & banners our tools of the trade include (but are not limited to) Photoshop ®, Illustrator ®, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Textile & jQuery.

All our sites proudly run on Jack! Jack – a PHP5-based framework with a user friendly CMS back-end. Jack has been in development since 2009 and is currently serving over 100+ websites!

Fresh produce

Listing all clients and projects we've worked for would be impossible, but we do like to highlight a few we're particularly proud of.

* All sites are rocking Jack,
unless noted otherwise.

Our rolodex includes:

Contact us

Would you like to know how we can help you? Send us an e-mail at woof@alsjeblaft.nl. We won't bite, promise!

You can also (occasionally) find us on Facebook & Twitter.